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For many years, we’ve been looking for a property in Chilean Patagonia for the production of elegant and fruit forward wines. In 2010, after 10 years of searching, we found our land and planted it, creating Trapi del Bueno Vineyard near the Rio Bueno river, 900 kilometers South of Santiago. This is when we became pioneers in the production of cold climate wines from the extreme South of Chile.
“Trapi” is the name of the hill where the vineyard is planted, and means ‘chili pepper’ in our native language (Madupungun). Rio Bueno is the largest river in the valley, and is just 5 km from the vineyard. The name of our vineyard, “Trapi del Bueno” was inspired by these two places.

Our motivation is to make our wines as genuinely as possible, avoiding intervention and letting the terroir express itself to its fullest potential.


Our philosophy is not to make signature wines, but to focus on the production of unique terroir wines, where the viticulturist’s and winemaker’s hands disappear behind the bottle of each wine.

The use of the Infinity symbol on our labels reflects the vision of the viticulture and our belief that the only way to make outstanding wine requires a great vineyard and the connection with the natural cycle between soil, climate, vineyard and handcrafted wines.

Our Team

``Our wines are the result of the instincts of the partners, who determine the management of the vineyard and the vinification``.

Luis Alberto Moller

As a native of Southern Chile, he has many years of experience in the extreme conditions of the region. Luis has been a vegetarian for 35 years and has developed a respectful form of agriculture, with a strong connection to the energy and nature of the land. He has also embraced viticultural techniques using minimal intervention to achieve the maximum expression of our terroir.

Rodrigo Romero

Rodrigo has also worked abroad at Pierre Bourée Domain, Patrick Piuze Domain and Jean Marc Brocard in Burgundy, France. He believes that the expression of the Terroir is the key to producing unique and amazing wines.